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Jade Mountain offers ingredients and fully prepared items for any operator to add Asian-inspired fusion to their menu.

Fusion Flexible. Asian-Inspired.

Jade Mountain offers staples inspired by the very best of Asia.

Fusion at Your Fingertips.

People have admired the soaring heights and majestic vistas of Jade Mountain, one of the highest points on the Asian continent. With its fertile ground and expansive views, one can’t help but to be inspired. That same sense of adventure guides all of us at Jade Mountain, as we curate the best of pan-Asian ingredients and prepared foods for our customers. From seasoned oils and specialty grains to ready-to-eat egg rolls and pot stickers, we assemble Asian-inspired solutions perfect for creating recipes inspired from across the Pacific Rim, or for simply infusing an element of Asian flare into a special dish.

We travel the world to immerse ourselves in the culinary cultures of places like China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Korea so we can create Asian-inspired products that offer fun, flexibility and the right flavor to delight our customers and consumers alike. Whether enjoying a family milestone, a cultural celebration, or a hearty lunch with a group of colleagues, look no further than Jade Mountain to make the moment complete.

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Jade Mountain is just one of the great brands we deliver to our customers with exceptional service. Connect with a Sales Consultant in your community who is ready to assist you with your Asian-inspired needs or other fresh food & ideas.

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Meals That Inspire

Asian food encompasses many things and make it a great choice for dinner. Someone may be in the mood for noodles, while their spouse wants soup, and their children feel like chicken. With Jade Mountain ingredients, this family can experience an exotic, special night out. Get inspired by our menu ideas for stir-fry, rice bowls, and more.

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